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Top Three VoIPLy Benefits That Increase Productivity

Is your business still stuck in the past using a legacy PBX system? You’ve probably never changed how your phone system worked since it was first put in. Your old school phone system creates limitation on communication internally, and across multiple locations.

2016-04-21 15:08:53

What are the typical VoIP cost savings? We’ve published a whole study on how our average customer saves 55% when switching to VoIP. While the total amount of savings can depend by case, 99.99% of all customers see a reduction in their telecommunication expenses.

9 Things To Do When Closing Your Office for the Holidays

Many businesses forget these nine things when closing their offices for the holidays. Done properly, your customers and vendors will be well aware of your scheduled closure days and you can avoid angry customers and upset vendors upon your return.

WebRTC Will Revolutionize Businesses Using VoIP

Web RTC, or web Real Time Communications, is taking the World Wide Web by storm these days. With VoIP web RTC, you would be able to make and receive calls directly from your Chrome or Firefox web browser on any device without the need of any external VoIP application.

12 Steps For Successful Business Phone Etiquette

An employee who has good business phone etiquette always reflects well on the image of the company. Whether it is a sales call or a service call, the success of a business call depends in large part on phone etiquette of the person calling the customer. It is vital that employees are trained in this very crucial skill so as to reflect a professional and reliable image of the company that they work for.

Brand Your Business With a VoIP Vanity Number

In today’s world of cell phones, memorizing phone numbers has become a thing of the past. Every number is at the tip of your fingers and just a click away. So how do you get a customer to remember your business number, let’s look at what vanity numbers can do for your business?

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