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Save Time with VoIP Click to Dial / Call Feature

VoIP offers a range of features not otherwise available in traditional phone systems. The “Click to Dial/Call” feature is one of them. This is a plugin that is available in browsers that enable users to call a person on their phone by clicking on the person’s contact icon from their desktop.

How to use SonicWALL with VoIP

Some providers say using a SonicWALL with VOIP can be too complex or challenging. At VoIPLy we simply say this is a router we support! We understand the complexities of VOIP and have engineers that understand how to properly route VOIP using SonicWALL appliances.

VoIP Is Changing The Way Schools Use Their Phone Systems

Schools across the country are adopting hosted VoIP. The days of leaving a message for the teacher in hopes that they receive the slip of paper from the office are gone. VoIP has engaged teachers and parents by introducing features offered in unified communications.

Raise Productivity By Allowing Employees To Work From Home

Businesses today are attracting new talent from across the country by offering employees flexible work schedules. This provides employees flexibility and the potential to achieve a greater work-life balance. Businesses benefit with an increases employee retention rates not to mention undeniable cost savings.

Medical Practices Improve Patient Satisfaction With VoIP

Many medical practices have upgraded to a VoIP system; doctors and staff have been pleasantly surprised with the system’s ease of use and how quickly they were able to adopt it. Read on to find out how VoIP is becoming the latest technology to better service patients

Cut Costs On Travel With A Conference Call / Bridge

There are two kinds of business travel – critical and non-critical. Engaging in critical business travel will transform and energize your business. Engaging in non-critical business travel will just add more costs. Businesses looking to cut travel costs are encouraging clients and employees to use conference calls / bridges.

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