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Business Advantages of Having Toll Free Numbers

Having a toll free number in today’s business environment has infinite advantages no matter what size your business may be. With benefits for your brand, marketing, and customer satisfaction; toll free numbers can also boost your sales and ROI.

What are toll free numbers?

Toll free numbers allow your customers or clients to call your business totally free.

How do toll free numbers work?

Though customers are not charged when they call your 800 number, your business can be charged for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Are there different kinds of toll free numbers?

There are two types of toll free numbers, numbers that contain all numeric and some that contain numeric and alpha characters called “Vanity Numbers”. Vanity numbers can be created to be business specific relevant to your business. This makes it easier to remember to your customers and can also be used as an advertising venue.

Why do you need toll free numbers?

A toll free number gives the customer an impression that your company is easily accessible. The customer feels that if they call an 800 number, your business is reputable and someone will always answer your 800 number.

What are the business advantages of having toll free numbers?

  • Builds brand value
    Having a toll free number for your business builds a credible image in the minds of your customers. In the past, only large corporations could afford to have toll free numbers, the scenario has changed today. Small businesses today obtain toll free numbers to build a reputation in the business world, toll free numbers can give you the image of dependability and reliability.
  • Easy recall
    Toll free numbers are generally easier to recall than general customer care numbers. Especially if you have a vanity toll free number, customers are more likely to call since they can easily remember it.
  • Seamless connections
    If you have to relocate or change service providers, you take your toll free number along with you. Your toll free number becomes your identity.
  • Marketing analysis
    Toll free numbers can help you analyze which marketing sources are the most effective. This is done by creating separate extensions for each division of your marketing campaign (print ads, website ads, billboard ads, etc.). By collating the results, you can identify what was the most effective in reaching your customer and steer that way in the future.
  • Customer satisfaction
    Customers love to pick up the phone and get instant information or solutions for their questions or problems. A toll free number can give them a sense of comfort for the accessibility of your business, this creates customer retention.

With toll free numbers being available through VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, having a toll free number of your own has become even more affordable. Give your customer the impression that you are committed to service them. Speak with the VoIPLy Customer Success team to learn more!

Shea Georgetti is passionate about customer success and is the voice for our customers. He makes certain every customer takes advantage of our new features and resolves the clients concerns ASAP. Shea manages and mentors our clients with ongoing support to ensure consistency.
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